Go go java! ... play catch-up with C#!

December 17, 2008 | 1 Minute Read
This post was originally posted on my old blog.

z1xgZtgVQr5h.jpg I am reading Stephen Colebourne's JDK 7 language changes - Devoxx votes!.

At the devoxx conference people voted on possible future features of the Java language.

As a developer with a .NET background, I can't help to compare with C# ...
  • Properties: In C# since 1.0
  • Null handling: In C# 2.0 with nullable types and according operators
  • List/Map syntax: In C# since 1.0 with Indexers
  • Extension methods: In C# since 3.0. See here, but C# is going much further with LINQ
  • Method pointers: In C# since 1.0 with delegates. Later extended with anonymous delegates and Lambda Expressions
  • Multiline Strings: In C# since 1.0 with the @-syntax
  • Infer generics: In C# since 3.0 with general type inference

  • ... go go Java! C# is not resting ... 4.0 is in the pipes, offering another truckload of innovation (dynamic capabilities, co-contravariant features for generics, optional parameters (small thumbs up for Java) and named parameters ...)

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