Only dead fish swim with the stream...

January 19, 2009 | 0 Minute Read
This post was originally posted on my old blog.

fish.jpg While I am still pondering about my idea of the transformation from Coding Whore to Opinionated Developer, I stumbled over some quite opinionated statements:

Joe Armstrong (inventor of Erlang) about object oriented programming:
When I was first introduced to the idea of OOP I was skeptical but didn't know why - it just felt "wrong".

Graeme Rocher (founder of Grails) about Maven:
I think only Java people would be willing to accept a build system like Maven with all its complexities. Any other community would be like "what the hell is this?". For me Maven is the EJB2 of build systems: over complicated, over engineered follow me on twitter, I need some friends :-)