When is Scrum successful?

July 06, 2010 | 0 Minute Read
This post was originally posted on my old blog.

@EricMinio asked an interesting question last week in his Scrum in Depth course. It really made me rethink my understanding of Scrum.


A company is not able to deliver its software projects, but does not know why. You introduce Scrum. After 3 sprints you have shown up the problems. Does this mean Scrum works?


I think this very much summarizes what Scrum is about, however I think management will have a hard time to see this as a success...

By the way this question was @EricMinio's answer to a students question "Does Scrum work?". Again a great demonstration of a ScrumMaster's function not to provide answers but to ask the right questions. follow me on twitter, I need some friends :-)