Upcoming Speaking Activities

April 26, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

My calendar for the the second half of 2016 is filling up with speaking and teaching activities:

University of Applied Sciences: CAS Application Development with JavaScript and HTML5

The semester has just started. I am teaching for the third time the main part in the yearly Course of Advanced Studies for Application Development with JavaScript and HTML5.

Seminar “JavaScript conquers the world - An introduction to the concepts and tools”

This half-day seminar on June 8th is organized by M&F Engineering.

Workshop at ERNI Development Day

ERNI Consulting is regularly organizing internal development days. I was invited to hold a Workshop about “Modern JavaScript Development” at the next development day on June 16th in Bern.

Digicomp DevDay 2016

I am giving a talk on the main event (June 22nd) about “What’s new in Angular 2”. On the following day I will hold a workshop “Hands-on Angular 2”. Registration is open …

M&F Engineering Trainee Program

M&F Engineering has a very attractive trainee program for university graduates. Part of the trainee program are regular workshops. I am glad that I was invited to hold a two day workshop about “Modern JavaScript development for Java & .NET developers” in September/October.

Course “Angular 2, JavaScript and TypeScript” in Vienna

This three day course (September 26th - 28th) is organized by TachTalk. Last year I did two courses for TechTalk about modern JavaScript development and AngularJS. This year the main topics are going to be EcmaScript 2015, TypeScript and Angular 2. Registration is open …