Weekend Reader Week 20

May 21, 2016 | 2 Minute Read

Angular 2: The best example of feature creep!

Shai shows how the scope of Angular 2 has changed significantly over the last years. It’s hilarious! It starts at 10:16 of the ng-show … but it’s worth to watch the whole show.

Angular 2: ng-conf 2016

A lot of good material in the recorded sessions of ng-conf 2016.

The Recruiter Plague: How Recruiters Have Broken Tech Hiring

Dear recruiters, Please, please, please — just stop. ~ Every Senior Dev

The first part accurately describes the problem with recruiters (also here in Switzerland) and the current situation in the job market for programmers. The second part drifts off into (self) advertisement …

CodeMill: A Marketplace for Pull Requests

An interesting crowdsourcing idea: Distribute work and pay via GitHub collaboration. Something between 99designs and upwork … unfortunately nobody seems to use it …

JavaPoly.js: Running Java in the Browser

Another attempt at using Java in the browser. It is built on Doppio, a JVM implemented in JavaScript, and allows you to load jars, classes or Java source code directly into the browser, just like JavaScript. An impressive project …

The Bossless Office

A nice summary. The article describing a successful manufacturing company that operates with 400 employees without managers.
But the article discusses also the problems and dangers with “going bossless” and why companies are traditionally based on hierarchy.

One of the major reasons to form a company in the first place is to eliminate this sort of mercenary, market-style chaos.

Bossless in Switzerland: Liip

Liip is a swiss-bases company that offers web consulting, design and development with 139 employees. It recently adopted its orgnization model to become a holacracy, a form of bossless company.

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