Presentation - JavaScript - The Universal Platform?

October 08, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

Last month I was invited to give a talk at the annual developer day of Swiss Railways (SBB).

The SBB Developer Day is a full day conference that SBB organizes for their Development staff. The day is organized in several parallel tracks.

SBB Dev Day 2016

This is the presentation from my session at the SBB Developer Day: JavaScript - The Universal Platform?

JavaScript - The Universal Platform? from Jonas Bandi

The presentation showed an experiment I did: What can I achieve by using JavaScript exclusively.

I implemented three versions of the same application:

  • The web version of the application was using React
  • The native mobile application is using React Native
  • The desktop application is using Electron

The experiment shows how it is possible to achieve knowhow-reuse and code-reuse by using the JavaScript ecosystem.

The code examples are available on GitHub.